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Each year there are over 18,000 chimney fires causing loss to life and property. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that all chimneys be cleaned or inspected annually for safety. During a cleaning our sweeps perform a level I inspection for any cracks or defects and provide you with a written evaluation report of your chimney.

MaineChimney - chimney sweeperCREOSOTE is the by-product of incomplete combustion of any fossil fuel such as wood, oil, or coal. When it builds up between 1/8 to ¼ inch it can ignite and cause a fire within the chimney. When this happens it can cause severe damage to the chimney and the surrounding structure. Some chimney fires create such an updraft that it has been described as a jet airplane or a train going through your living room. If the creosote catches fire on only one side of the flue, it may sound like the howling wind outside, but can still cause severe chimney damage. The purpose of the chimney is to exhaust smoke and by-products of combustion out of the house as well as provide a draft for the fireplace or appliance, not to contain chimney fires and their extreme temperatures.

SWEEPING includes the sweeping of the cap, flue, smoke chamber, smoke shelf, damper, and firebox area. The cleaning is all done with brushes on fiberglass poles. A runner is laid down up to the fireplace as well as drop cloths so nothing is tracked on any carpeting at all. The heart of the sweeping system is a SootSweeper chimney vacuum running during the sweeping for proper dust control. While it is being swept the chimney is inspected for any cracks or defects and you are given a written evaluation report listing any areas of concern.


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