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Masonry Waterproofing ProductsMasonry waterproofing products
ChimneySaver waterproofing products are designed to waterproof all types of masonry including brick, stone, mortar, sandstone, pavers, concrete walkways, adobe, and more. These breathable water repellents keep rain and moisture out, while simultaneously allowing the masonry to breathe. These products have passed rigorous testing at Wyoming University and have been the standard in the chimney industry for over 20 years.


Crown Repair Productscrown repair products
Chimneys are often capped with mortar crowns instead of the recommended cast-in-place concrete crowns. If the crown is structurally sound, it can be effectively repaired with one of our three, easy to use, crown repair products. CrownCoat, CrownSeal or CrownSaver.



Creosote Removal Productscreosote removal products
Creosote and soot buildup in your fireplace or wood stove chimney can be a fire hazard if your chimney system is not properly cleaned and maintained. Occasionally wood stoves and fireplaces can produce a tar or glaze called third-degree creosote. Cre-Away and ACS chemically modify creosote so it can be more easily removed.


Masonry Cleaning Productsmasonry cleaning products
These commercial strength cleaners remove smoke and creosote stains from fireplace glass, hearths, stoves, grills, brick, stone, and most hard surfaces. Powerful cleaners with almost unlimited uses around your home will clean grease and grim faster, with less effort than other household cleaners. Also will remove unsightly stains from masonry including rust, efflorescence, mortar splatter, algae, mold, mildew and more.

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